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Painting Imperial Guard Baneblade

Posted on | Sierpień 12, 2010 | 1 Comment

Painting Imperial Gauard Baneblade step by step.

Tutorial how to paint a tank of Imperial Guard. We explain techniques on example of superheavy tank Baneblade. Here you will follow through the painting process. Enjoy!

We started painting model from painting base colour. On the thin layer of Chaos Black Primer we painted Russian Green as a prime colour. Then we highlighted large parts of armour with mix of Russian Green and Desert Yellow. Hull at this moment was:


Rear armour is covered with Russian Green. Notice that rear lights have been removed. In their position we will put 2 LEDs.


Next step was further highlighting armour. It is important to keep dark areas in not exposed parts of armour and highliting all others. We used mix Russian Green + Desert Yellow (1:2)


Colour modulation on armour is ready. Now is right moment for applying decals. Of course we set decals using Decal Fix rather than ordinary water like GW suggests. Before and after setting the decals model was coated with satin varnish. That protects the decals.


Now is moment for most wearisome part of work. Washes… Each rivet has to get a little shadow around it. And of course Baneblade has over 1k  rivets. Washing the rivers gives „depth” to the model and lot of work is worth of this effort. Below you may see difference between washed and non-washed rivets.


After washing we assembled models. Exhaus pipes and caterpillar tracks were painted separately. Our project was developing model of  battle-worn tank. Due to this concept tracks are covered with dry mud, dust and rust. Similary Exhaust pipes are rusted like in all real tanks in action.




Model looks quite good, but tracks and exhaust pipes don’t match to the „new” hull. The answer is simple. Need to use the pigments to change look of the tank from „just from factory” to „hardened verteran”. Let’s see the result.


One Response to “Painting Imperial Guard Baneblade”

  1. Amazing paint job on a Baneblade
    Kwiecień 17th, 2011 @ 3:09 pm

    [...] I was floored when I saw this video. Great overview and ideas for painting a Baneblade super heavy. The lights and weathering are awesome beyond words. This guy is super talented. [...]

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